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MiVidaloca Tattoo Studio

Mividaloca Tattoo was established in 2014 as a revolutionary studio through the diligence and knowledge of Adriano El General. His enthusiasm for the Chicano culture brought him to visit the USA. Following his return he decided to cultivate a tattoo parlor that was diverse from those in Italy , a setting where classical and modern cultures mingle. The innovative studio, located at Via Coriolano 26/A in one of the historic districts of Rome, avails of the collaboration of brilliant tattoo artists, each specialized in their specific style. In addition to Adriano, specialized in Chicano tattooing and lettering, Hell ya has always been street art 's inspired. grow up with writing and skateboarding he brings his background in his tattoos. Starting with traditional he is specialized in fine line and chicano art withouth abandoning his traditional traits. Thus the Studio creates a mix of the various styles striving to make each tatto a work of art with cordiality and in compliance with hygiene standards.