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Remove the cling film from the tattooed area after 3-4 hours after being tattooed, no longer.
1- With clean hands, gently wash the tattoo, carefully removing any blood and ink with warm water and soap (e.g: DOVE).
2- Gently pat the tattoo dry with kitchen paper.
Leave it briefly for a few minutes then wrap again with cling film.
On day one, ensure you change the cling film 2-3 times that day.
Each time repeating the cleaning process above (points 1 and 2).
Before you go to sleep, remove the cling film, clean (see points 1 and 2) and replace with new cling film. This can stay on for the duration of the night.

DAY 2:

When you wake up, remove the cling film and follow points 1 and 2 again.
Change the cling film 3 times during the day and clean appropriately (as above).
Before sleeping, wash the tattoo and don't cover it for the night.
If you feel the skin is tight and dry, apply a light layer of cream (Bepanthen) prior to sleeping.

DAY 3:

From today start to use the BEPANTHEN (nappy care ointment) and do not cover the tattoo with cling film anymore.
Apply twice daily (morning and evening) for the next 10-15 days. With clean hands gently extend a light layer across the tattoed area.


  • DO NOT deviate from the instructions in this section, any variation from the above instructions means that I will not be held responsible for the incorrect healing process of your tattoo or any infection/issues that should arise.
  • so DO NOT follow advice from: friends, parents, bartender, beautician, policemen and/or the Pope.
  • DO NOT use any other creams or products other thenBEPANTHEN (nappy care ointment).
  • DO NOT use cream from someone else.
  • For the first 15-20 days:
  • DO NOT swim in chlorinated water (swimming pool) or sea water.
  • DO NOT expose the tattoo to direct sunlight.
  • DO NOT use a sunbed.
  • DO NOT use a steam room or sauna.



Keep the area clean from dust and from any other particles that could potentially cause infections.
It's important to wear clean clothes, ideally 100% cotton, as they will be in contact with the tattoo.
Be mindful of this, especially over the first few days whilst the new tattoo is healing.
Wash your hands before you touch or applycream to the tattoo.


For a few days after being tattooed, you may experience soreness and redness. This is normal.
The tattoo may be itchy. This is also a normal part of the healing process and it is important that you DO NOTscratch the tattoo or remove any crusts or scabs.
A tattoo needs around a month to complete it's healing process, obviously the process varies from person to person.

  • GYM

You can go to the gym after 1-2 days.


After 15 to 20 days, exercise caution when exposing the tattoo to direct sunlight, especially if it's strong. Application of a high factor sunscreen (50+spf) is advised for at least 4 to 5 months after being tattooed, if the tattoo will be exposed to direct sunlight.


Any problems or doubts please feel free to contact me directly.

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